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Final Fantasy L.O.V.E.

Final Fantasy weekly fanfiction comm

Final Fantasy is L.O.V.E.
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Welcome to ff_love, a Final Fantasy weekly fanfiction challenge community.

The Guidelines

1. Each Saturday the prompts (words or a theme) will be posted, the challenge will close midnight (people can post til midnight their time since the mods are posting from Europe) on Fridays.

2. Only posts in reply to the challenge are allowed. No off-topic posts, please.
If there should be a great need for off-topic talk we will put up an extra post.

3. You can post fanfics or fan art. The fanfics can be as long as you want to, but must be at least 100 words long (official drabble length).

4. You can post fanfic or art from whichever part of Final Fantasy you like.

5. Please post everything under an lj-cut, be it a fic or fanart.

6. Sex, smut and everything else that needs a warning must be labeled appropriately.

7. Feedback/reviews and constructive criticism are always wonderful. But do not flame! Anyone who flames and doesn't play nice will be kicked out.

8. You can post as many works as you like each week.

9. If you'd like to affiliate with the comm, feel free to ask in one of the mod posts.

10. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the mods.

11. Last but absolutely not least, have fun. Help this community to grow and become wonderful. We'd appreciate it forever.

Please use the folowing format to post:

Final Fantasy part (FF VII, FF VIII, etc):
Word count (for fics):

If you would like to suggest some prompts or themes, feel free to reply to this post with your suggestions.

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