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FFIV: No One Suspects - Final Fantasy L.O.V.E.
Final Fantasy weekly fanfiction comm
FFIV: No One Suspects
Title: No One Suspects
Author/Artist: shiny_glor_chan
Final Fantasy...: IV
Prompt: indestructible
Rating: G/K
Characters/Pairings: Calcobrena Dolls
Word count: 108
Warnings: Creepy dolls? Yes, creepy, creepy dolls.


They twist and turn, spin and spurn as they destroy an innocent town. The townspeople were unsuspecting. Who would suspect cute, lifeless dolls? Fluidly moving across the town with ease, they destroyed the poor town's militia with a few intricate dances.

Fire did nothing to harm them as the townsfolk tried to keep them at bay. They giggled as they flitted through the fire and flicking their wrists to make the people fly through the air like rag dolls. The irony made their laughter and dancing increases. Dolls making dolls of people.

“How very fitting,” they said together, as they watched the town burn, people lifeless as dolls.

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