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FFVI: Don't Talk To Strangers - Final Fantasy L.O.V.E.
Final Fantasy weekly fanfiction comm
FFVI: Don't Talk To Strangers
Title: Don't Talk To Strangers
Author/Artist: shiny_glor_chan
Final Fantasy...: VI
Prompt: lies
Rating: G/K
Characters/Pairings: Kefka, Owain
Word count: 163
Warnings: Kefka being Kefka? What happens to the castle of Doma. Kinda angsty, I guess.


“What are you doing here, mister?” the child asked.

Kefka slipped the empty vial of poison back into his pocket before turning to the inquisitive kid. “Getting some water before heading out again,” he lied with a smirk, motioning to the now poisoned water. “Why don't you bring some home with you?”

The kid smiled. “ Mama would probably like some water. She misses dad terribly, so maybe making some soup will distract her,” the kid said as he filled up a jar of water before turning to the strangely clothed stranger. “My name is Owain, what's yours mister?”

Kefka paused before laughing. “You don't need to know. Run along. You want to be home for your dad's return, right?”

Owain nodded. “Bye, mister and thanks!” Owain thanked before running back towards his home.

“The pleasure was all mine,” Kefka said just before he laugh evilly, the sound echoing through the gates of the castle as he left the people of Doma to perish.

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